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Noosphere Space Games is Ukraine's first virtual spacemodeling competition in the Kerbal Space Program, a computer simulation game in which participants can independently build rockets, satellites, space bases, and much more.

These competitions continue the tradition of spacemodeling tournaments jointly organized by the NGO "Association Noosphere" and the Spacemodelling Sport Federation of Ukraine, which cannot be held offline now. Virtual spacemodeling competitions open up new opportunities for the development of Ukrainian youth through the prism of wartime.

Noosphere Space Games allow new space enthusiasts with no prior experience to join rocketry. Everyone can handle it! Knowledge from a school course in physics, astronomy and mathematics will certainly not be superfluous.

"Association Noosphere" "Association Noosphere" (Noosphere) is a public organization that popularizes science and modern technologies among young people and creates favorable conditions for the development of an innovative business environment in Ukraine. Noosphere initiatives unite scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, experts and enthusiasts of various fields in a passionate community where everyone can bring their own ideas and innovative projects to life.

Co-founder of the NGO "Association Noosphere" Max Polyakov is an international entrepreneur in the field of space technologies and IT, Ph.D. of economic sciences, public figure, managing partner of the Noosphere Ventures investment fund, and founder of Firefly Aerospace, EOS Data Analytics, SETS, Renatus, Maxpay, and others.

For many years, the NGO "Association Noosphere" has been actively supporting spacemodeling sports within the framework of cooperation with the Spacemodelling Sport Federation of Ukraine.

The Spacemodelling Sport Federation of Ukraine is an all-Ukrainian public organization. Its main goal and direction is to promote the popularization and development of spacemodeling sports in Ukraine, increase the role of this technical sport in the comprehensive and harmonious development of the individual, and organize and hold competitions, festivals, sports holidays, and other events.

Together with the NGO " Association Noosphere", the Federation successfully held the 2015 European Model Rocketry Championship and the 2016 World Model Rocketry Championship. Every year, under the auspices of the Federation, are held the Ukraine Rocketry Challenge, “Yangel Cup” — a stage of the FAI World Cup, the Championship of Ukraine, the Cup of Ukraine, and other competitions and demonstration performances.